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Find out why Coast Professional, Inc. is a proven collection partner of the US government— and how Coast will connect with your constituents in a respectful and compassionate way. By choosing Coast, your local municipality will gain the vast resources of a top performing collector of government debt in the country, with 47 years of experience in effective, empathetic customer service. We bring unmatched resources, FISMA Compliance, the ability to collect in all 50 States, and an unwavering commitment to perform business ethically with your constituents in mind.

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Coast is an accounts receivable management company, dedicated to the respectful and ethical collection of all types of municipal and court debt. Our success is a result of our exceptional recoveries, superior service, and dedication to the highest levels of compliance.

The Collection Process

Corky Mobley, Director of Business Development

Corky joined Coast in 2007 and has 23 years of collection experience. He works  closely with clients, their staff, and Coast’s ancillary departments to ensure collection goals are met and exceeded. Corky takes great pride in his relationships with clients and their staff, and he continuously works to streamline Coast processes to align with client objectives. He holds a degree in finance from California State University, Fullerton.

“In the first 3 months of using Coast, we have received more payments and more information about our past-due accounts than we had in 3 years with our previous collection agency. They go above and beyond with their communications, make it very easy to submit information, and constantly verify what is submitted. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a collection agency.”
                – Breckenridge, CO

“Over the past 4 months, we have seen an increase in our collection process. This increase stems from Coast’s dedication to search out the debtor and make every attempt to collect … I am very pleased with Coast Professional and would recommend their services to other companies or clerk offices trying to collect on outstanding debts.”
                – Bay County, FL

“Coast Professional, Inc. has provided excellent customer service and communication … I have never received a complaint from a customer regarding their communication with Coast Professional, Inc. With respect to the number of cases being successfully collected on, Coast Professional, Inc. has exceeded my expectations.”
                – City of Lafayette, CO

“They work closely with my deputy clerks to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. They have collected fines/fees that would otherwise not be collected. We have been very satisfied with their work.”
                – Marion County, TN

Coast is a trusted partner of the US government, state agencies, and hundreds of clients like you. Contact Corky at or (714) 673-7578 to schedule your 15 minute consultation and find out more.

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