Diana Day, Senior Director of Business Development
(585) 667-2906 | dday@coastprofessional.com

Imagine it’s 2:00 a.m. and a severe storm hits—

Coast Professional, Inc.’s skilled, Louisiana-based agents receive and sort through your calls, alerting the right crews to situations that can’t wait, while prepping other inquiries for next-day response. That’s the efficiency our advanced after-hours call management services can bring to your parish.

Coast provides a robust, customized solution that swiftly distinguishes and escalates essential calls, integrating seamlessly with local government operations and leveraging advanced CRM technology. This includes:

Custom Technology Integration

Coast utilizes advanced CRM software to enhance communication efficiency, ensuring seamless multi-channel interactions tailored to specific needs.

Proactive Call Handling

Coast’s expertly trained operators escalate priority calls immediately, ensuring rapid and appropriate responses during critical situations.

Scalable and Adaptable Solutions

Coast’s proven model is designed for easy replication across Louisiana parishes, offering flexible technology and methodologies to enhance service interactions and improve response times.

Diana Day, Senior Director of Business Development

Diana Day, your Coast point of contact, brings more than two decades of expertise in accounts receivable management, contact center operations, and Business Process Outsourcing. Since joining Coast in 2019, she has used her extensive experience to improve after-hours call handling for parishes. With more than 21 years of service to government clients, Diana has a strong track record in managing call center operations and consulting on government contact center solutions. She has worked as a client manager for a Fortune 100 company and as a national account executive for a leading government service agency, optimizing contact center performance. An honors graduate of Ohio University, she holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and business, providing her with a deep understanding of effective communication and strategic management. Connect with her at dday@coastprofessional.com or (585) 667-2906.

Does your after-hours call handling solution pass the test? Consider the Coast Checklist:

For more information about what Coast can do for your organization, contact Diana Day at dday@coastprofessional.com or (585) 667-2906 to schedule your 15 minute consultation.

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